Romanian Business Law*


Romania joined the European Union on January 1, 2007. Even prior to 2007, efforts were made to align the Romanian legislation to the European Union Directives and standards.  The European Union Regulations are applicable in Romania as of the accession date. In case of conflicts between a European Directive or Regulation, and a Romanian law, the European Directive or Regulation will prevail.

The briefs on Romanian Business Law presented below provide concise information on selected business law topics updated from time to time.

Rather than an academic presentation of the Romanian legislation, the aim is to offer pragmatic orientation in a straightforward manner on doing business in Romania in the areas under review.

We recommend to take legal or tax advice, as the case may be, from a local lawyer in order to tailor the best solution for the proposed investment or transaction.

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Table of contents:

Corporate Vehicles

Romanian Tax Laws

Real Estate

Romanian Electricity Trading Laws

Romanian Renewable Energy Laws

Romanian Oil and Gas Laws

Romanian Mining Laws

Project Finance

Romanian Capital Markets Laws

Romanian Public Procurement Laws

Competition – Economic Concentration

Competition – State Aid

Romanian Labour Laws

Romanian Data Protection Laws

Supplementary Protection Certificate (drug patent)

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