We advised re satellite communications services to local TV stations, and supply of location services via GPS and satellite. We advised re a bid for a GSM license, equity participation and a loan made by an international financial institution to a local joint venture for the manufacturing of telephone equipment. We further advised an investment fund re equity participation in a non-voice data communications venture, a mobile telephone operator re financing the acquisition of a cellular telecommunications network equipment, and a non-voice data communications subsidiary of a foreign telecommunications company re operational licenses.

We advised:

  • the global US leader in the sector of reservation systems for airlines and travel agencies re various IT matters regarding to two worldwide reservation systems, e-mail and/or online support resources to subscribers, release of the software programs to subscribers, and electronic signature and standard subscriber services agreements;
  • a Romanian telecommunication company, which was a subsidiary of a major US investment fund re permits and licenses for IT operations, compliance with IT regulations, sale of  assets and subscriber lists to a major cable TV, Internet and voice services company;
  • a European producer of generic drugs re a website design contract;
  • the European Commission re  report on activities undertaken by Romanian authorities and industry to address threats that undermine the confidence in the Information Society such as spam, spyware and malicious software;
  • a US leader in telecommunications services re supply of location services via GPS and satellite data communications;
  • a Swedish satellite communications operator re satellite communications;
  • a Japanese trading company re sale of interest in a Romanian telecommunication company;
  • a US telecommunications group re acquisition of cellular telecommunications network equipment;
  • a Dutch/US telecommunications company re non-voice data communications issues;
  • EBRD re equity participation and a loan to a local German engineering joint venture for the manufacturing of telephone equipment;
  • a UK telecommunications company re investment in a non-voice data communications venture;
  • an US multinational telecommunications company re a bid for a GSM license.
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